Terms of service

Stellavingze (my.stellavingze.com) is provided by Stellavingze International Sdn Bhd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), wherein the company provides relevant products, platforms, the Stellavingze website (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) and other services in accordance with the terms of service. When users use the website, they shall be deemed to have reviewed and agreed to abide by all the following terms of service:




I. Stellavingze services (hereinafter referred to as “the service”):


The service aims to promote life experiences and personal values. Through different stages of planning and projects, it can help dreamers understand themselves, explore their talents and potential, enrich their abilities and skills, and inspire people to create and achieve a happier life.


II. Ownership of service content


This website is owned and operated by the company. All contents, including but not limited to text, graphics, photos, images, animations, sound effects, illustrations and software, are owned by the company and are protected by intellectual property laws. The above listed content shall not be used for any purposes without the express written consent of the company.


III. For your acknowledgment, you hereby agree that:


(a) You shall not engage in any activity harmful to the company or the website.


(b) You shall not have systematic or substantial access to the information of the website.


(c) You shall not commit any violation of laws or netiquette through the website


(d) You shall avoid placing any information, including but not limited to: text, pictures, videos, etc., on this website that contains the intellectual property of a third party.


IV. Limitation of liability:


(a) Use the website at your own risk. Neither party shall be held liable for any direct or indirect losses caused by the use of the services along with the information and services contained in the relevant websites.


(b) The company shall not be held liable for any losses caused by deletion or non-storage of any message or content transmitted by the user, or any loss of any information downloaded from the website by the user.


(c) The company reserves the right to deny or delete any communications that are not in conformity with the provisions of these terms of service or are not accepted by the company. It is prohibited to post, transmit or receive any illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other material which may violate any law.


5. Related website links and advertisements:


The relevant websites linked to this website are provided by the website operator to users in accordance with its terms of service and privacy policy.


6. Privacy policy


(I) The company respects the users' privacy and the protection of their personal data. For privacy protection, please read our privacy policy statement carefully in order to protect the user's rights and interests.


(II) The company however will retain or disclose personal data for the following reasons:


a. If expressly provided by law;


b. To cooperate with public institutions in order to perform statutory duties;


c. For the purpose of safeguarding national security or promoting the public interest;


d. To prevent serious harm to the rights and interests of others.



7. Intellectual property rights:

(I) The intellectual property rights for the site of this service, design, programming, user interface, names, trademarks, service marks, technology & system, teaching material, video, images, advertising materials, video files and other related information, such as the patent right, copyright, trademark, trade secret, specialized technology and other intellectual property rights belong to the company or its authorized persons, may not be licensed by the user for purposes beyond the Website if without the written consent of the company. The user shall not remake, share, broadcast, release, adapt, edit, lease, distribute, reproduce or change any setting for any other purpose and use and shall not provide to any third party to use. If the user violates the above, the user shall bear all legal liabilities and shall be held liable for all loses including the economical losses, of the company resulting from said violation.


(II) Any uploads, posts or other forms of transmission of information to the website shall be deemed to be an agreement by the user to authorize the company to use, store and publish such information for search and browsing purposes by specific or non-specific users, for other promotion or for use of the service.



(III) The user agrees that the company owns the rights of all videos, audio recordings, texts, pictures and other content provided by the company, and the company may exercise its rights.


(IV) During the use of the website’s services, the users shall not utilize any technical secret or any other trade secrets & information belonging to others, nor conduct any act that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. If the user violates the above and causes the company to suffer losses, the user shall bear all legal liabilities and shall be liable for all economic losses of the company.



8. Confidential policy

Without written consent and authorization of the company, the users shall not provide or publicly disclose the company's confidential information and business secrets to any third party in any way. If there is any violation of this policy, the user shall bear the legal liability and shall compensate the company for economic losses.


9. Disclaimer:

(I) The content of this website is for the purpose of providing information only and has no other purpose. Stellavingze International Sdn Bhd has the right to change, suspend or withdraw all or part of the information and services of this website without any notice or incurred liability.


(II) The company does not assume any responsibility for the content of the website along with any defect of the website which would be corrected. We also are not obliged to update the content of the website on a regular basis and shall not make any warranties or representations regarding the information and content on the website.


10. Suspension or Termination of service:


The services will be suspended and would only be resumed as soon as possible in the event of the following circumstances without any claim or request from the user:


(I). Wherein the website is routinely maintained, relocated, replaced, or upgraded.

(II). Whereby due to the behaviour of a third party, the company has to determine if there is a need to suspend the service due to uncontrolled or unstoppable situation to the company.

(III). Wherein the website is suspended due to natural disaster, telecom service interruption or other force majeure scenarios.

(IV). If the company is required to terminate the service for any reason, it will announce said termination on the home page of the website with one month in advance. The users shall not make any claim or requests to the company for the termination of the service.



11. Handling of breach:


If the user violates the terms of service, the user shall indemnify the Company for any damage caused by the user's breach.


12. Validity and modification of the terms:


The company may add, change or delete terms and conditions at any time, as required for the operation of the website and shall take effect after the date of the said announcement. The user is advised to take note of the latest terms and conditions of service of the website. If the user continues to use the services of the website after the change takes effect, they shall be deemed to have agreed to such changes.


13. Dispute resolution


(I) The interpretation or application of these terms of service and other relevant provisions of the service shall be governed by the laws of the Malaysia.


(II) In case of any dispute between the user and the company arising from the use of the service, the terms of service or the related use of the service, the user agrees to settle the dispute with the company on the basis of good faith. In cases of litigation, the user agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the court of Malaysia as the court of first instance unless otherwise provided by law. If intellectual property matters are involved, the Intellectual Property court shall be the court of first instance.


14. Other information:

If you have any question or suggestion on our website or service, please contact us (customer service email address: stellavingze.international@gmail.com or customer service call centre: 03-2262-1116), we will make effort to serve you as soon as possible.

Last update: 16/8/2019