Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy policy statement


1. Purpose:


(I) This privacy policy statement (hereinafter referred to this statement) is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in order to protect the interests of individuals and other interested parties and to avoid infringement of personal data.


(II) The personal data obtained by Stellavingze(the website) and related websites by Stellavingze International are only to be used by Stellavingze International Sdn Bhd. and its related websites for the purpose and scope of use as previously stated by Stellavingze International Sdn Bhd.


(III) When you browse this website, it is inferred that you have read, understood and agreed to all of the contents of the privacy statement of this website, and you understand that this statement has met the requirements of personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations, and has agreed to allow Stellavingze International Sdn Bhd to collect, process and use your personal data.


(IV) The website is a public platform and cannot prevent others from collecting personal information disclosed by the user in the service through public means. The user is requested to minimize the disclosure of personal information in the service to ensure the safety of personal data.



2. Methods of data collection and usage:


(I) This statement is applicable to information that may be collected by the company through device and system records obtained when you use the services. This privacy protection statements apply to all services on this website and is only applicable to the information collected on the website.


(II) Our cookies do not collect additional information on your computer's browser or hard drive. Most browsers have the option to refuse to store data on your computer to cookies. However, we do not recommend this setting as it will make it less convenient for you to use our services.


3.Protection and disclosure of information


(I) The host of this website is equipped with a firewall, anti-virus system and other relevant information security equipment and necessary security protection, to protect the website and your personal data with high protection, only authorized personnel can access your personal data.


(II) The company will not disclose your personal data to any third party unless it has previously stated or falls under the following situations:

1. Expressly provided by law;

2. Cooperation with public institutions to perform statutory duties;

3. For the purpose of safeguarding national security or promoting the public interest;

4. To prevent serious harm to the rights and interests of others.


(III) In order to protect the privacy of users, we apologise that we are unable to provide other users' information for you.



4. How to protect your information:


(I) Please do not transfer or lend your account number or password to others. In addition, please understand that due to technical limitations and potential malicious means, information security cannot be guaranteed.


(II) You should be aware that the system and communication network you are using may have problems caused by other factors that are beyond our control.



5. Change of privacy statement:


(I) If it is necessary, the company may modify the privacy policy and user terms mentioned in this statement, we will publish them on the website to protect your security and related rights and interests of browsing the website.


(II)This privacy statement will be updated from time to time. When updated, the website will also amend the privacy statement at the top right of the last update date.


(III) The website encourages you to regularly review this privacy statement to understand how the website helps protect the personal information collected by the Company. By continuing to use the service, you are deemed to have agreed to this privacy statement and any updates.


6. External links:


The web page of this website provides links to other web sites. You may use the links provided by this website to access other web sites. However, the privacy policy of this website may not apply to the relevant web sites.



7. Other information:


Stellavingze International  Sdn Bhd encourages you to provide valuable advice of this privacy statement, if you have any question or suggestion for personal information collection, storage, utilization and sharing, please contact us (customer service email address: or customer service call centre: 03-2262-1116), we will make our efforts to service you as soon as possible.


Last update: 16/8/2019