Founder of Stellavingze, Datuk Stella Chin K.Y believes that it is also what empowers us to march forward. Family is the foundation upon which our society is built. Where there is love in the family there is love in society.

When the family changes for the better, the society also changes for the better.

Therefore, family is not only the foundation of society but also the foundation on which our future pillars of society stand. We strive to live for the purpose of happiness because the key to happiness is love. We know that it is the love flowing through our family that keeps us going in our busy life.

Love begins at home. Thats why we created the Happy Family Workshops in Malaysia.

We hope that through education, our children can understand on their parents' hard work and know how to be grateful. Meanwhile, we can also let parents learn to understand their inner world and fill every family with love to create a better society.

Presenting the Star of Universe international master class.

Stellavingze has created a series of comprehensive and substantial courses, designed to help you transform yourself from the inside out and to build your self-worth. Our self-development course will widen your perspective and vision. So that with the right thinking and mentality, you can be real success in life! Our business management course is conducted by award-winning international entrepreneurs on how to manage a team. In 90 days, you will be able to lead the team through the course! Our marketing course will teach you how to read your customer mind and close deals in no time!

In addition, we also conduct happiness workshops where every student can experience joy and happiness while developing their live skills.

You can also take a break from your hectic life to spend time with yourself and listen to your inner voice.

Learn from your true heart and bring forth the better you!

Missing a piece of the dream map? Let us help you to complete it!

Some people say it's best to have a dream, but wouldn't it be better if someone helped you realise it?

Wishing Star is a programme designed by Stellavingze to help people patch up their life’s shortcomings. Through collaborations with travel agencies, bridal shops and other professional organisations, we can tailormade activities that fill in those missing pieces in your life. An unforgettable family trip, a heartwarming marriage proposal, a celebration for your wedding anniversary, a personal growth curriculum - you name it, we’ve got it. At Stellavingze, you will find that missing piece to the puzzle of your ideal life.

At Stellavingze, we organize regular charitable activities with the goal to care for the elderly as well as children in need.

Some examples of these charity events include cooking hotpot dinners at nursing homes with the elderly; collecting second-handed books for Delight-Land Elementary School in Taitung; donating for the education of underprivileged children, knitting hats as winter-wear for cancer patients, etc

Perhaps, we all live in the misty forest of reality.

What we want to do is open your heart,

Light it up with love, and fill it with happiness.